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RubyEngagement1If you’ve picked up the books I recommended (check out the Bride page), your brain might already be swirling with ideas. My plan for the next few months is to dedicate a post to each major planning point, with some other tips and (hopefully) some humor along the way.

So, let’s get started.

Protecting the ring!

One thing that didn’t even cross my mind in the excitement of being newly engaged was protecting the ring on my finger! My ring is a combination of family heirloom (the center stone being from a ring my dad gave my mom) and something uniquely ours (my fiancé designed the rest of the setting). Despite my intentions of always keeping track of the ring, modern comedy will have you believe it’s really easy to misplace it or drop it down a drain. It doesn’t hurt to look into some extra protection! I recommend getting the ring appraised and insured – just in CASE something happens. My ring already has a significant amount of sentimental attachment and I would be devastated if something happened to it.

If you are in the LA area, I recommend Patrick at GemSecure for your appraisal and (for anyone -regardless of location) Jewelers Mutual for the insurance. I had great experiences with both!


Wedding Coordinators – To Hire or Not To Hire?

The Wedding Book goes into great detail about things to consider when looking at hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. There are some amazing professionals out there who will do anything to help you create the wedding of your dreams! In fact, I currently work with one such company, Skybox Event Productions, and we love helping others’ dreams come true!

For my own wedding, I will be serving as my own “coordinator,” as my venue also has a special events team that handles most of the day-of details that I will be too busy to oversee. We are also having a small event and many of my bridal attendants have event planning experience. Additionally, we were not working with an unlimited budget and I knew that I could dedicate the time and energy needed to plan our day (and I had a year to do it!). However, there are some great reasons to consider a wedding coordinator:

1) If you want/need help navigating venues, vendors, resources, and ideas. Wedding coordinators can help negotiate on your behalf and they have numerous connections! Additionally, if you have a “vision” of your event, but no idea of how to execute it, the coordinator can point you in the right direction.

2) If the thought of working with all the fine details makes you want to pull out your hair. There are both big-picture thinkers and detail enthusiasts (that’s me!) and you shouldn’t hate planning your wedding. If you hate details, why not hire a team to help you with them?

3) You don’t have the time/energy to plan the wedding solo/with your partner. Even if you’re not having an elaborate affair, wedding planning can feel like a part-time job (maybe even full-time!). If your “real” job has long hours, lots of travel, or you are caring for children/family members, it might be in your best interest to hand off your ideas for someone else to execute.

4) You have an unlimited budget. Remember when we talked about prioritizing vendors and budgets? A wedding coordinator is a great investment and will typically have a few different levels of packages you can choose from – which can include months of planning meetings through the event or just day-of coordination.

5) You’re having a big wedding. I took on our wedding because we’re expecting (approximately) 75 people. There would be no way I could coordinate all of the day-of details for 300 people. Think about the time it would take to set out all the favors, put up signage, set up the gift/cake tables, place cards, etc.

6) Your venue requires one. My next post will be about researching venues, but there are some places that will require you to bring in someone to coordinate the event in collaboration with or in place of an internal team.


Up next – researching and choosing a venue!


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