So you’re engaged. Now what?

It’s no secret I love planning my wedding. I love planning events – diving into all the details and seeing it all come together. There’s a reason I want to become a full time event planner/coordinator.

It’s still overwhelming.

To all the brides/grooms out there – you will be overwhelmed at some point. Some days, I spend hours creating spreadsheets and to-do lists, crafting decorations for the reception, and researching rings. These are some of the best days EVER. Other days, I pretend that the giant tupperware bin full of custom cocktail napkins and a cake cutting set isn’t sitting in the middle of my living room.

What I’m saying is I get it.

The excitement of being engaged is one of the most thrilling feelings in the world. I know I will miss this feeling come May, but I’ve been assured by many friends and family that the thrill of being married is even better. I think I spent the first 24 hours staring at my ring, with a few breaks to start talking plans.

Once that ring is on your finger – you might want to go out the next day and buy a dress. I’m not going to stop you, but I’m going to advise you that you should first take a deep breath and create a plan for planning your wedding.

Yes, a plan for planning.

I’ve worked in catering and have experience planning events. I know how much goes into something behind the scenes. When it’s your own wedding, it is easy to throw that sensibility out the window as you start to think about how you’re going to get all dressed up, stand in front of your family and friends and say “I Do” to the love of your life. It’s exhilarating.

The night we got engaged, we talked about a bunch of plans, set a date (it’s already our anniversary and conveniently falls on a Saturday this year), and announced the good news to our family, friends, and Facebook. Then, we came home and stayed up to 3am finishing season 4 of Breaking Bad. Priorities.

The NEXT night, I immediately began researching wedding planning resources. I suggest you find something that works for you – but the two things I ordered and devoured within a week were:

The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss with Lisbeth Levin


The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer

I used a full pack of post-it tabs in the first book and took that binder to every vendor. Most vendors called me “the most organized bride they’ve ever met” but I really think it was just about being prepared and knowing what I wanted. I made spreadsheets galore and have adapted my to-do lists as we get closer to the date. This includes contact lists for the bridal party, a vendor list, a master address list/gift list/thank you list, and a budget spreadsheet.

Remember when I said it’s overwhelming?

But it’s FUN. I absolutely love every minute of planning the wedding and I am so glad I took on this adventure. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I look at my fiancé, vent about whatever thing is driving me crazy at the moment, and then take a deep breath and remember it will all be worth it when we’re all dressed up, in front of our family and friends, and saying “I Do.”




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