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Bouquet by LV Florals
Bouquet by LV Florals

One of the most iconic parts of wedding decor is the floral arrangements. I am not the kind of person who has an “absolute favorite flower” or a particular style when it comes to floral design. To be honest, I found deciding on florals to be one of the more challenging aspects of our planning process. Flowers, while gorgeous, can be expensive and can go to waste after the event – and you may find it hard to justify the cost if you know they will just end up wilted at the end of the night. However, finding the right florist can help add beautiful touches to your event (and within your budget)!

As always, I started with the preferred vendors from my venue, along with some independent research. I met with 4 different vendors to get a feel for their style and their understanding of the aesthetic of our (punk rock wedding) event. Some were more boutique-like florists (specializing in unique, artistic arrangements) and others were larger wedding experts (specializing in large, elaborate events). I decided that we would be ordering┬ásome decorative flowers for our wedding arch along with personals for the bridal party/families. Since most of our guests will be from out of town, I knew they wouldn’t take floral centerpieces home with them, so I decided to create a different kind of decor for our tables.

When meeting with vendors, it’s always helpful to go in with a few samples and ideas of things you like (check out Pinterest) and a few things you don’t like. The more information you can provide, the better – the vendor can then help develop something specifically for you (and hopefully avoid awkward “no, I don’t like that…” conversations).

As with every other vendor you book, you want to make sure that you get a good feeling from them. One florist told me that they have been wanting to use this specific flower (which I definitely┬ádid NOT like) and they felt like I was “the bride that will let us do it.” I’m all about giving creative license to a professional – but I want to make sure that it’s within the scope of what I (as the client) want! Another vendor told me, when I asked for leopard print ribbon on my bridal bouquet, that I “wouldn’t like it” and “would find it tacky in 15 years when I look back at the photos.” After I told him that I had leopard print tattoos on my arms, he tried to backtrack. A lesson in knowing your audience…

Luckily, I found the perfect match with The Daily Petal! They are one of my venue’s preferred vendors, and I clicked immediately with the owner. It was clear that she valued creating unique pieces for each client and she valued the vision I shared. I’m thrilled to be working with her and can’t wait to see what she creates for our big day!

*Note: A few things to consider – floral prices can vary based on time of year/demand/availability. One vendor told me that they would have to charge me extra because our wedding was within a week of Mother’s Day, but the other 3 did not – just something to consider/ask when doing your research! Other things to consider include the amount of time your flowers will be out of water (if it’s hot, you want your bouquets to be made of flowers that won’t easily wilt in the sun), how much direct sunlight is on any outdoor arrangement, and the size of centerpieces (can guests see each other across the table?). Lastly, don’t forget to bring a few extra towels to dry off the bouquets after you take them out of the water! You don’t need them to drip all over your dress!

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