When one of your wedding colors is “leopard print”…

Welcome to Punk Rock Bride’s Eye View! As a lover of all things punk rock, and as a current bride-to-be, I wanted to start this website to share my experiences and resources while planning a memorable wedding! At the very least, this will be fun to look back on years from now…or maybe it will be a source of embarrassment for our future children.

Throughout my life, nearly every job or career I have had included some form of event planning, management, or coordination. These skills have proved to be invaluable as I plan my own wedding day! As a result, I am currently looking to transition into being a full-time event coordinator and this blog will (eventually) evolve into a place for me to share ideas, start conversations, and hopefully meet others who share my interests.

For now, welcome along for the ride to the #punkrockwedding!

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